What Do You Know About Selling?

The third sphere is that of the ability to sell.

In companies, the purpose is quite apparent: sell products or services and earn money to distribute it to their shareholders. But in projects that you can undertake alone, you must also be very clear that in the short term there is a need to sell.

I know a lot of people who technically are very competent, can be an excellent writer, an excellent designer, an excellent programmer, but they are people who have no training or ability on issues of management, marketing and sales.

If this is your case, what you have to do in the short term is to train yourself.

If you understand like me that the future passes through the digital channel, my recommendation is that you sign up for a digital marketing course and that you do it well, that you try to master these tactics and at the same time work to start what you are learning in your project.

That said, you must realize that if you help a group solve significant problems you can always sell professional services to this group.

And if you use your intelligence a bit, you can also sell physical or digital products

Where is your winning project?

At the meeting point of these three spheres (skills, passion, and ability to sell). When these three universes meet, it is when projects usually succeed.

Learn to recycle your strength in something new in the market

The idea is to mix passion and skills.

So imagine an expert change management consultant who wants to reconvert, because his passion – what he has been reading for the last five years – in psychology, and he is in the process of transformation to be a neurolinguistic programming (NLP) coach.

Instead of continuing with the topic of change management focused on large companies, the focus should shift to investigate change management in the sphere of people.

Many things are valid, and that can be reused. In marketing, we could say that it is a change of segment from large companies to people.

I’m not advising you that you have to make a clean sweep of everything you’ve done in the past. That would be a mistake.

You can be reborn from nothing. But the cost is high

Imagine you are a consultant and suddenly, you get up and want to be … I do not know … masseuse, although you have no preparation to be.

This process of transformation will take years because you must do it seriously, getting a diploma and learning the trade. This is the right path.

If this is what you want, it seems very good to me. Pull forward. Now, you will have to provide answers to very complex questions:

How do I transform myself from consultant to masseuse in a period that can include several years and be able to live during that time with dignity, earning at least the money I need to pay the bills?

Can I still live in a big city?

Where do I get the time to study/learn a new trade?

For this, you will have to draw a plan of action that takes into account that it will be a long process, which will not happen overnight, by a miracle of a divine will.

Because it is not that I do not believe that there are ways to change a life, but I think that to achieve this change we must be aware of the costs of this transformation process.